Our name SAVES, derived from the combination of the words SAVE and US, reflects the framework of our investments and our approach to business. Our logo is designed as a combination of universal elements such as the sun, smile, renewable energy, and protection, symbolizing our energy and vitality.

Our Investments


246,6 MWm

111.36 MW in Operation


98,95 MWm


143,16 MWm

12,41 MW in Operation


4,49 MWm

Camlıca I HPP: 2,31
Gongele HPP: 2,18


94 MWh


100 MWh

The privatization tender for the transfer of operating rights of the power plant, which was taken into operation on 12.12.1998 through the BOT model under Law No. 3096, was won by our company, and the transfer process was completed on 5.11.2021.

The Göngele Hydroelectric Power Plant, which was commissioned prior to June 30, 2021 and qualified for Renewable Energy Support Mechanism (YEKDEM), has the right to benefit from YEKDEM until 2030 (with additional domestic contribution at an additional price until 2026), and its license expiration date is June 17, 2070.

The unlicensed solar power plants established in three different locations in Çermik and Ergani districts of Diyarbakır each have a capacity of 1,128.60 kWp. The power plants were commissioned after temporary acceptance procedures carried out in February/March of 2019.

It has been developed in Çınar district of Diyarbakır within the framework of the amendment made on 19.11.2022 in the Electricity Market License Regulation and the Board Decision of EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) dated the same day.

Our Team

İbrahim Akgün

General Manager
ibrahim akgün

Akgün, who serves as the General Manager at Saves Energy, has experience in project management, business development, and legal processes in leading energy companies in the energy sector.

Prior to joining Saves Energy, Akgün worked in companies based in Istanbul, Ankara, and Denizli, specializing in electricity distribution and generation. He served as the Legal Process Manager for the Konya Karapınar Solar Power Plant, the largest single-location solar power plant in Europe, with a capacity of 1000 MWe. Akgün also held the position of Legal Process Manager for the PV Factory, which is an integral part of the aforementioned project. Additionally, he served as the Legal Process Manager for the Çayırhan B Thermal Power Plant project, which has a capacity of 800 MWe.

Akgün, who joined the Transpet Group in 2021, has played a leading role in the establishment of Saves Energy Corporation, an anonymous company, for renewable energy investments.

In a short period of time, the company has reached a capacity of approximately 250 MW and a trading volume of 100 MW in power. Akgün is currently serving as the General Manager of the company.

He has a good command of English.

Harun Köle

Technical Manager

Köle, who works as a Technical Manager at Saves Energy, has experience in project design and project management in the energy sector.

Before joining Saves Energy, Köle worked in one of Turkey's leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies, primarily focusing on Renewable Energy Power Plants, Transformer Stations, Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Cement Factory, and Oil & Gas sectors.

Köle, who joined Saves Energy in 2021, is responsible for the technical planning and management of new investments both domestically and internationally. Additionally, he provides support to the operating power plants.

Harun Köle, an Electrical-Electronics Engineer, has a good command of English.

Kenan Güler

Business Development Director

Güler, who works as the Business Development Director at Saves Energy, has experience in engineering, project management, business development, and legal processes in leading investment firms in the energy sector.

Prior to joining Saves Energy, Güler worked in a Turkish investment firm in Kosovo as a Project Manager, Plant Manager, and Business Development Manager. During this time, he was involved in the permitting, approval, and licensing processes for the 32.4 MW Kitka RES project, and subsequently held the position of Plant Manager. Additionally, he was involved in the development of the 35 MW Kenice I RES, 35 MW Kamenice II RES, and 30 MW Kamenice III GES projects.

Güler, who served as the Thermal Projects Manager responsible for the 800 MWe Çayırhan B Thermal Power Plant project, also worked on the planning and project stages of the same company's 1000 MWe Konya Karapınar Solar Power Plant and PV Factory investment projects during that period.

Güler, who joined Saves Energy in 2023, currently holds the position of Business Development Director responsible for international renewable energy investments. He has a good command of English and Chinese

Ravza Gökçen

Energy Trading Specialist

After graduating from Bahçeşehir University with a degree in Energy Systems Engineering, Gökçen joined Saves Energy and specialized in the field of Electricity Trading. Currently, she works as an Electricity Trading Specialist at Saves Energy, where she contributes to the determination of our company's energy strategies, ensuring the efficient and effective operation of energy systems, monitoring the global electricity market, and shaping our vision for the future of electricity trading. Ravza Gökçen, who has a good command of English, is also interested in painting and ceramic arts.