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From Türkiye to Romania

23 November 2023

From Türkiye to Romania

Our General Manager İbrahim Akgün and Business Development Director Kenan Güler made a speech at the summit, themed "Go Together, Grow Faster" which is organized by the National Union of Romanian Employers (UNPR) in İstanbul, Türkiye on November 14, 2023.

In his speech, Mr. Akgün talked about the successes of Saves Energy Romania SRL in a 8 months of very short time frame and why Saves opt to be present in person rather then having consultancies, why Saves intended to couple under development projects with battery in order to meet the transition of energy network towards the year 2030, and pointed out that the transition to clean energy also means a financial change, the necessity of avoiding regulations that will cause periodic accelerations (stop-start) and he draw attention of Turkish investors to some points which is important to take into account for investing in Romanian energy market. He also emphasized that renewable energy is the power of goodness and even the symbol of freedom.

Kenan Güler, on the other hand, focused on business development processes and explained the entire process from finding land, obtaining ATR and to subsequent construction permits and shared other detailed informations to Turkish investors. Güler, who also shared his experiences so far, emphasized that they should pay particular attention to the examination of the land.

You can access the program's press release here, İbrahim Akgün's speech recording here, and Kenan Güler's speech recording here.

Saves Adds Strength to Your Power!

10 Temmuz 2023

Saves Adds Strength to Your Power!

Saves Enerji Inc. decided to expand by adding foreign investments to the existing renewable energy power plants in operation in Turkey with an installed capacity exceeding 100 MW.

The company accelerated its project development activities, especially solar power plants, with the renewable energy companies established in Romania and Montenegro.

Operating in Romania, "Saves Energy Romania SRL" has started to develop Solar Power Plant projects and is preparing to start the construction of battery storage integrated solar power plant, with all permits and approval processes ready for construction. The project, which is a candidate to be Romania's first BESS integrated Solar Park, is also Saves Enerji Inc.'s first European investment. The Solar Park project in question is aimed to enter commercial operation in June 2024. Saves Enerji AŞ has also started to develop Solar Power Plant projects in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, with its subsidiary called "Saves Energy MNE", which also operates in the field of renewable energy field in Montenegro.

The company is also preparing for project development activities based on Wind Energy in Europe.