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Camlica I HPP


A hydroelectric power plant is an environmentally friendly energy production source. Electricity is generated using the energy derived from the natural movement of water, which minimizes harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere. Additionally, the renewable nature of water ensures that energy production remains continuous and sustainable.

The privatization tender for the transfer of operating rights of the power plant, which was taken into operation on 12.12.1998 through the BOT model under Law No. 3096, was won by our company, and the transfer process was completed on 5.11.2021.

Mustafa Çiçekyurt
Mustafa Çiçekyurt

Camlica I HPP Power Plant Manager

Primary Power Capacity:  84 MWe/94,5 MWm

Production:  ≈300 GWh/yıl

Auxiliary Power Capacity (SPP):  1,935 MWe/2,3091 MWm

EPDK License Start Date:  5.11.2021

EPDK License Expiry Date:  5.11.2070

EPDK License No:  EÜ/10541/05073

Mustafa Çiçekyurt
Mustafa Çiçekyurt

Camlica I HPP Power Plant Manager


Çamlıca I HES’in Santral Müdürü olarak görev yapan Çiçekyurt, Çamlıca I HES’in işletme, bakım ve arıza süreçlerini yönetmektedir. Çamlıca I HES’in Saves Enerji tarafından devralınmasından önceki süreçte santralde Elektrik Bakım Mühendisi, Elektronik Bakım Mühendisi, Yönetici Mühendis olarak görev almıştır.

2021 yılında Saves Enerji bünyesine katılan Çiçekyurt, Elektrik-Elektronik Mühendisliği mezunudur ve iyi derecede İngilizce bilmektedir.

Cicekyurt Camlica I HPP serves as the Plant Manager of Camlica I HPP and oversees its operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting processes. Prior to the acquisition of Camlica I HPP by Saves Energy, she held positions as Electrical Maintenance Engineer, Electronic Maintenance Engineer, and Engineering Manager at the plant.

In 2021, Çiçekyurt, who joined the Saves Energy team, is a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has a good command of English.









Integrated Quality Management System

Camlica I HPP Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificate

A "Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC Certificate)" is an internationally recognized certification that verifies at the international level that the electricity produced by our operation is derived from renewable energy sources. It is a global certification system that also certifies to energy consumers that the electricity they use is sourced from green energy.

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